Monday, September 3, 2007

Samurai Warriors 2 - 4 stars

This game is surprisingly fun.

Drawback: 2-player co-op is split-screen. This is tolerable, but we would have preferred a single-screen mode (especially one that just zoomed out more if you had to separate - how else are you going to see the hordes of enemies that cluster around you?).

I bought this game because it was $29.99 instead of the $59.99 for Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, and Gundam didn't explicitly say it was 2-player co-op (it just said "2 players") while this one did. Gameplay videos on the web seem to indicate that not only does Gundam have 2-player co-op, but they split the screen vertically, which we think we would prefer, so perhaps we'll try that one after finishing this game.

Basically, you hack-and-slash your way through enormous armies set in feudal Japan. The amount of historic backstory in this game (and related games like Dynasty Warriors) is ridiculous, but I'm glad they put in the effort. The gameplay would be fairly repetitive and boring were it not for the co-op aspect of it (I can tolerate a far lower-quality game if I'm playing together with my wife than when playing alone), and the intricacy of the weapon/skill upgrade system seems to be interesting, and there may be plenty of unlockable characters. Also, there seem to be many combos. My wife especially enjoys riding around on a horse slashing at enemies or having the horse trample them.


karl said...

I guess I should check this out.

karl said...

Whooops didn't mean to publish. Here's what I was going to say: Dynasty Warriors 4 has pretty much been my wife's and my all-time favorite. It got recommended to us by a geeky dude in the EA store in the mall after we told him that we wanted "something with a good co-op mode, like Baldur's Gate."

Every time I shut my eyes, for like a week after we started playing, I saw bodies flying around.

This appears to be the same game, but set in Japan, not China. I shall pretend it's the same game long enough to say that here is the key to its co-op success: The wife loves action. She loves mashing the same button over and over for two hours, and watching bodies go flying. RTS game? No. Dozens of special combinations, as in Tekken? Hell no. Mashing the square and then sometimes hitting circle. That's what it's all about.