Sunday, March 29, 2009

Army of Two - 4 stars

I really didn't expect this game to fare as well as it did, but it's a pretty great co-op experience. I had originally thought it would be a far too gritty and realistic wargame, but instead it's the sort of sanitized Hollywood comic violence where fully-automatic rifles sound like popguns and if you get shot all you have to do is hide behind a pillar until you recover.

Anyway, this game was designed for co-op from the very beginning and if you play it single-player (your partner is then controlled by the A.I.) you get a lackluster experience, but played as a husband-and-wife team it is totally awesome. What happily married suburban couple can resist tandem skydiving while one of you steers and the other picks off terrorists with a .50cal sniper rifle? Indeed, if you were looking for the game to familiarize your pacifist spouse with military hardware, this is it, as after playing this game my wife can identify AKs, M16As, and .50 CALs on sight. Also, you can pimp out your weapons with gratuitous gold plating and such. This is supposedly to increase your "aggro," but is really just done because it's amusing to look at a huge golden rifle strapped to the back of your character.

Four stars, and it didn't make five only because it doesn't have as much replay value (we played it through only 1.5 times) and you can't design your own masks.