Monday, September 3, 2007

Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - 3 stars

This is Star Wars, but done with Legos.

Co-op play through Episodes 4 through 6, reliving the movies. Pretty good re-creation with small touches of humor and little jokes. Considerable amount of content and remarkably faithful to the movies (using Legos, no less). There are many, many different characters (droids, Jedi, bounty hunters, all the movie characters, etc) plus you can mix-and-match the Lego pieces to create new characters (which is really just ends up being lame). You have guns and Force powers. There are also some joke characters (e.g. toaster droid) that can't really do anything except run around and bump into things.

Bad: There is no way to turn off friendly fire, which means your mostly-incompetent trigger-happy wife is going to kill you a lot. You have infinite lives, so this doesn't affect your ability to finish the game, but each time you die you lose some money, so if you are trying to unlock certain things that require accumulating a certain amount of money, this can be frustrating. Watch out.

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